I've lost my download link.
You can find a download link for the patterns you've purchased on the videos page for the pattern purchased.

Or send an email here and we will send out a new download link to you.

Where can I view videos for your patterns?

Video tutorials are only available to those who have purchased a pattern. You can find a link to the videos within the PDF pattern file. You must be logged in to view the videos.

Can I sell goods made with your sewing patterns?
Scratch and Stitch sewing patterns and instructions are for personal use only. You may not copy, sell, or distribute Scratch and Stitch patterns or instructions. You may sell items created with Scratch and Stitch patterns as long as you are making them yourself. Items may not be mass-produced from Scratch and Stitch patterns. Patterns can be used to teach a class, though all makers must buy a copy of the pattern. If selling goods made from my patterns, I ask that design credit is given to Scratch and Stitch.